Image of Disaster Damage
Disaster isn’t something you should be expecting around every corner—but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. When it does, we know that the last thing you need is a hassle trying to clean up after it. Our certified professionals are trained in a variety of disaster cleanup methods so that when it does strike, we can be there for you to clean it up with no problem.

Natural Disasters

We see them in the news all too often and don’t think they can happen to us: wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, and floods. Serving Southern California, we at Ritz Restoration know the extent of the damage that these can cause. And our trained professionals are ready with the latest equipment to restore the damage that they may cause to your home or office.

Chemical and Biological Spills

If you have an accident that results in exposure to chemical or bio-hazardous materials, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Ritz Restoration. Our teams and equipment are certified to clean up and remove the damaging effects of dangerous spills so that your home or office can be safe and renewed.

What Can You Do?

In the even that you experience a natural disaster or hazardous spill, contact authorities and Ritz Restoration immediately—our teams are on call 24/7, waiting to help when disaster strikes. While you wait, here are some helpful things to remember:

  • Earthquake Response
    Remain calm. If you are outside, stay clear of large objects that could potentially fall such as power lines and trees. If you are indoors, duck and cover under a desk or table. Stay away from windows, exterior walls, and unsecured, tall furniture.
  • Chemical Spills
    If hazardous materials come in contact with your clothes, skin or eyes, remove your clothing and contact authorities immediately, rinsing your eyes and skin. Do not attempt to clean the spill with paper towels or rags, wait for the team to arrive and stay clear of the area. If you have sand nearby, you can use it to absorb some of the chemicals.

Nobody anticipates disasters, and their damaging effects can be costly. Ritz Restoration works with all major insurance companies so that disasters don’t have to cost you any more than they already have. Give us a call and make an appointment today, and we’ll take care of the rest.